OctaneVPN Setup Guides

Setup OctaneVPN Using OpenVPN on Linux Systems

Setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu

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  1. Download an OctaneVPN OpenVPN .ovpn config file from our website
  2. Copy the .ovpn config file to your home directory.
  3. Install OpenVPN:
    sudo apt-get install openvpn
  4. To Run OpenVPN:
    sudo openvpn --daemon --config [file location]
    ex: sudo openvpn --daemon --config /home/user/washington.ovpn
  5. To Stop OpenVPN:
    Kill a connection by searching for the active connection
    ps aux | grep openvpn
    Note the PID of the active connection; kill the connection with command
    sudo kill -2 *PID*
  6. Note: You can use a text editor to modify or create new .ovpn files like you downloaded in step 1 to connect to any Gateway Locations we offer. Edit the remote host on line 3 to the URL of the gateway location you want to use instead.
    remote gw1.iad1.octanevpn.com 8888

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