OctaneVPN Migration / New Login

On July 1, 2020, we began transitioning our existing customers from an older website and billing system to a new account management system.

Before July 1, 2020, to log into our website, you were able to log in with your VPN ID in the form of  [email protected] along with your password.

Our new website utilizes email address and password instead.  This allows us to separate your website login from your VPN credentials for added security.  Your website password remains the same as before.

The migration is occurring in phases.  The first phase on July 1 moved customers who signed up directly at OctaneVPN and we manage your account billing.

The second phase will move customers whose billing is managed via a reseller parter such as theCubeNet.com or ThunderNews.com.  Phase 2 is not yet completed.   If you opened your account through a partner website, your account has not been migrated, yet.  If this is your case, you can log in at our previous website now at https://old.octanevpn.com for account management purposes.  This is temporary until we port over all the partner generated accounts to the new system.   If you joined through a partner site and they manage your billing and you need VPN support, submit a support ticket here:  Submit Support Ticket

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