OctaneVPN Setup Guides

Setup the OctaneVPN for TunnelBlick on OS X

Setup OctaneVPN using TunnelBlick for Mac OS X

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  1. Click the Tunnelblick Icon in the Status Bar at the top of your screen to open the drop down menu
    • Select: Add a VPN
    • Select: I have Configuration Files
    • Select: OpenVPN Configuration(s)
    • Note: TunnelBlick will create an empty folder on your Desktop named Empty Tunnelblick Configuration
  2. Download the .ovpn config file and save it to the new folder
  3. Rename the folder to the city of the gateway and change the extension to .tblk as in Washington.tblk
    Approve the renamed folder in the warning message
  4. Doubleclick the renamed folder to add the configuration to Tunnelblick
  5. Select Only Me then enter the password.
  6. Click the Tunnelblick icon in the Status Bar at top of your screen to open the dropdown menu. Select Connect to [city name]
  7. Enter your OctaneVPN username and password when prompted.
    Tunnelblick will display a pop-up message to let you know the connection is active

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