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Setup OctaneVPN on your Synology NAS Running DSM v5

Setup OpenVPN on Your Synology NAS Running DSM v5

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  1. Download and Save the OctaneVPN.crt Certificate File
  2. Select a Gateway Location that you would like to use and copy it's URL. Generally, a city closer to you will have better speed performance.
    Note: If you select a different Gateway City than our default (gw1.iad1.octanevpn.com in Washington, DC), you will need to edit the .cfg file as described in the last step of the guide below.
  3. On your NAS web interface, Open the Control Panel and go to Network
  4. In the Network Interfaces menu and select Create VPN Profile
  5. Select OpenVPN as the VPN Connection Method
  6. Fill in the General Settings as indicated
    • Profile Name: OctaneVPN
    • Server Address: Enter the URL you selected for the Gateway City. Ex: gw1.iad1.octanevpn.com
    • Username: enter your OctaneVPN username in the form 1010101@octanevpn
    • Password: your OctaneVPN password (not the plaintext password)
    • Port: 8888
    • Protocol: UDP
    • Certificate: Browse to the OctaneVPN.crt file you downloaded earlier
  7. Advanced Settings
    • Check Use default gateway on remote network
    • Check Reconnect when the VPN connection is lost
  8. Login to the Synology as Admin user (use the same password as when you login to the web interface). Example:
    Run these commands:
    cd /usr/syno/etc/synovpnclient/openvpn
    ls -al

    Note the number attached to the client_oXXXXXXX file. This number will be unique to your Synology and must be used in the next steps
    Get the synology config file from our servers:
    wget http://www.octanevpn.com/assets/software/octane.cfg
    Run this command, substituting the number from your client file:
    sed -i 's/OCTANE/**number**/g' octane.cfg
    sed -i 's/OCTANE/1395162101/g' octane.cfg
    Copy the config to client_oXXXXXXXX. This will leave a backup copy of your configuration in case you have to make any changes in the GUI later.
    cp octane.cfg client_oXXXXXXXXX
    cp octane.cfg client_o1395162101
  9. Go back to the web interface and click Connect
  10. Important Notes:
    Note 1: If you make any changes to the Synology GUI, the changes will cause the .cfg files to be overwritten. Just re-copy octane.cfg to the client_oXXXXXX file if this happens.
    Note 2: The default configuration file is for Washington, DC (gw1.iad1). Change the gateway address by using the following command, substituting the gateway of your choice. We'll use one of the Miami gateways in this example (gw1.mia4):
    sed -i 's/gw1.iad1/gw1.mia4/g' client_o1395162101
    Note 3: You can check the IP from the command line using:
    curl ipv4.icanhazip.com

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