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Setup OctaneVPN Using OpenVPN on Windows

Setup OpenVPN on Windows

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  1. Get the Lastest Release of OpenVPN from OpenVPN.net
  2. Download and install the latest OpenVPN version of the Windows installer. Take the default settings.
  3. Download an OctaneVPN OpenVPN config file from our website
  4. Save or copy the .ovpn file to the c:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\ folder (assuming you installed OpenVPN using the defaults)
  5. If you want to use a Gateway in a specific City, use a text editor to edit the remote address on line 3 of the .ovpn file:
    remote gw1.iad1.octanevpn.com 8888
    You may choose any Gateway from our Gateway Locations summary
  6. Once the .ovpn file is in place, right click on the OpenVPN icon in the Taskbar
  7. Select Connect from the popup menu
  8. Enter your OctaneVPN username and password when prompted
  9. The OpenVPN tray icon will turn green once the connection is active

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