OctaneVPN Setup Guides

Setup the OctaneVPN on Your Merlin or Tomato Router

Setup OpenVPN on Your Merline/Tomato Flashed Router

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  1. Note: This guide assumes you aleady have a router flashed with the Merlin or Tomato firmware
  2. Login to your router via the web interface and select the VPN link under Advanced Settings on the left side of the page
    Select the OpenVPN client tab
  3. Configure the Basic Settings:
    • Start with WAN: Yes
    • Interface Type: TUN
    • Protocol: Either TCP or UDP (TCP can be used if you're having connection issues or in conjuntion with port 443 to mimic HTTPS)
    • Server Address: gw1.iad1.octanevpn.com or
      choose the URL of any of any City among our Gateway Locations
    • Port: 443, 8080 or 8888 are available
    • Firewall: Automatic
    • Auth Mod: TLS
    • Username/Password Auth: Yes
    • Username: enter your OctaneVPN password in the form 1010101@octanevpn
    • Password: your OctaneVPN password (not the plaintext password)
    • U/P Auth Only: No
    • Extra HMAC Auth: Disabled
    • Create NAT on Tunnel: Yes
  4. Configure the Advanced Settings:
    • Poll Interval: 5
    • Redirect Internet Traffic: Yes
    • Accept DNS Config: Disabled
    • Encryption Cypher: AES-256-CBC
    • Compression: Disabled
    • TLS Renegotiation Time: -1
    • Connection Retry: 30
    • Verify Server Cert: No
    • Custom Config:
    • keepalive 10 120
      remote-cert-tls server
    Apply the changes
  5. Download the OctaneVPN Cert File and save it locally
    Open the Cert File in a text editor
  6. Back in your router config screen, open the Keys and Certificates link in Basic Settings
    Copy from the text editor and paste into the router config:
    • Certificate Authority including the text -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    • Client Certificate including the text -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    • Client Key including the text -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    • Static Key leave blank
    • Apply the changes
  7. Go back to the Client page and set the Service State to On

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